Rebecca Grace Jones | Mixed Media Painter Located in Shepherdstown, WV
I am an intuitive painter. When I start a painting I never know where it is going to take me, but I love the ride. Equally enjoyable is the idea that what I create might have something good to say to you.
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  • Mixed Media Paintings

    Materials used include acrylic paint, primarily, with charcoal, watercolor, chalk and oil pastel, Yupo and Thai papers, ink, graphite and colored pencil.

  • Collages with Words

    These charming shadow boxes each contain a print of an original painting with an open window showing a hand-lettered word or phrase. Most have added details to go with the image, either a found or created object.

  • 365 Project

    In 2012, in addition to doing shows and filling orders, Rebecca did an art project a day using the suggestions from a book called 365 A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin.