Mixed Media Paintings


The paintings shown here vary in size from 5” X 8” to 40” X 40”. Materials used include acrylic paint primarily, with black and white charcoal, watercolor, chalk and oil pastel, various papers, ink, graphite and colored pencil. The processes used in creating many of them are detailed on Rebecca’s blog, including some for which the stages of the painting process have been documented with photos and descriptions.


Paintings which are sold are removed from the selection and new ones added in a timely fashion to keep the selection as current as possible. To inquire about a price and/or arrange to make a purchase, please contact Rebecca directly at rgjonesart22@gmail.com. You may refer to the paintings by their titles, or if untitled, by their numbers.


*Roll over the image thumbnails and click either the title or the “link” icon to see more detailed information about each piece.